Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mango Bellini

Yeah yeah I know ...I shoud write more often but between globe trotting(read ,my recent trip to Europe) and playing Holi I dont get the time ..I now wish I had gotten more pics of all the delectable stuff we ate in London, Hannover, Amsterdam but thats another post:)

Talking of food ,I have so many recipes and dishes that I have cooked recently but just havent gotten around to posting them .Lets start with some of the recipes some of you have asked for fom my previous posts.

Mango Bellini:

this is delcious and takes less than 2 minutes to make .I made this as a substitute for plain ol Champagne:) . Was definitely well worth it .

You need
Champagne (any name,price range is ok)
Mango nectar(mango juice is also ok but mango nectar is thicker so I thought it did better)

This is how you make it
pour 2 parts champagne in the flute and follow it up with one part mango nectar .

Voila ..your Mango bubbly is ready:)


trupti said...

That's it? that is pretty easy..I don't drink, except maybe once a year....and this will be the one...
thanks Meenal, good to see your post,Europe must have been great this time of year.....


Marlee said...

So Simple?! cool, will try it whne i get home in Dec! More posts Meenal!

liberalfoodie said...

Welcome back. I was wondering where you were... Hope Europe was great.

The mango bellini seems easy to make. Thanks for the recipe

Meenal Mehta said...

Trupti ..Europe was cool beyond words, enjoyed every bit:)

yes Marlee..more posts for sure :)

liberal foodie ..thankyou and yeah iam back

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