Friday, September 30, 2005

Pyaaz Maach

I will continue to cover more items from bengali cuisine and then move to another region of India or perhaps the world .

Meanwhile , this is pyaaz maach( fish cooked in spicy onion gravy) .I enjoy this particularly because its hot and real spicy.I put a different spin on it sometimes by adding a little bit of tomato and that enhances the flavor .

Enjoy !!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Satisfied customers :-)

Suchita , my freinds younger sister was visiting me on july17,2005 and had been deprived of home made food .She's bengali and Iam part bengali too so I thought I would treat her to nice Bengali food .

I cooked pulao(rice with spices,ghee and salt),kosha mangsho(spicy chicken bengali style),dim curry(egg curry),aloor dom( baby potatoes in spices),luchi (pooris) and added yougurt and salad to the mix .Suchita enjoyed the food and I had a great time making it .Even more fun looking at the happy and satisfied faces of Suchita and Pankaj .

I will discuss recipes in the next post, Till then here are some pictures I would like to share .Enjoy

The spread

Suchita and Pankaj clink their beer glasses

They seem satisfied

Monday, September 26, 2005


A very lofty title for a food blog entry, but thats what you call the birth of a baby and this is mine . Food is one of my loves and I look at this as the beginning of all things good .I wish to discuss and sometimes offer my 2cents on food,wine, restaurants,and cusines from all over the world in addition to things I make everyday in my humble little kitchen .

Heres a lovely little poem on food which clearly sets the tone for this food blog.

Why food -
Is it at all necessary?
Why must we go
Every other day to the marts
To stock fish, condiments
And rice?
We hustle each day
At work
Only so that our bellies
Can be filled afterwards.
We think we control food,
But clearly it controls us
.(samuel nze)

Welcome folks ,to Foodies Unite.
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