Monday, September 26, 2005


A very lofty title for a food blog entry, but thats what you call the birth of a baby and this is mine . Food is one of my loves and I look at this as the beginning of all things good .I wish to discuss and sometimes offer my 2cents on food,wine, restaurants,and cusines from all over the world in addition to things I make everyday in my humble little kitchen .

Heres a lovely little poem on food which clearly sets the tone for this food blog.

Why food -
Is it at all necessary?
Why must we go
Every other day to the marts
To stock fish, condiments
And rice?
We hustle each day
At work
Only so that our bellies
Can be filled afterwards.
We think we control food,
But clearly it controls us
.(samuel nze)

Welcome folks ,to Foodies Unite.


aparna said...

great start! so shall we say, bon appetit! :D

Meenal Mehta said...

thanks aparna..yeah bon appetit

Sanity Starved said...

Make sure I am on the invited list!

Meenal Mehta said...

:) yes u shall be sanity starved

Gangadhar said...

Hi Meenal...
I feel great to be here...Fantasic stary by you...Really a nice idea...Keep going..All the best and tc..

Meenal Mehta said...

thanks gangadhar :)iam glad you visited my new blog

Mohit said...

Hi Meenal,

Remember me! Well, can't really figure out the connection between RAMBLING..MIND and FOOD.

Anyways, Surely, the photographs makes me hungry.


paro said...

good luck and good tidings.

Meenal Mehta said...

Hi Mohit,
yes i remeber you .You had left some really nice comments on my blog .Well, ramblings are just happen in my mind ..the food is one of my passions that fulfills creativity .

hope that answers your question.

Meenal Mehta said...

hi paro,

thanks very much

Michele said...

Hi Meenal Mehta!!
Thanks for popping over to my blog and letting me know about the eggs and the invite to visit you here at your blog.
Very nice!
You are going to have so much fun.
Since food is a favorite thing of mine, I'll be visiting you, if that's OK......
Happy cooking!!!

Meenal Mehta said...

hey Michelle ,

thanks and you are most welcome to visit my blog

Indira said...

Followed your comment on Desi Pundit.
Love your site and cute little poem you wrote about food. Going to be a regular visitor from now on.

Meenal Mehta said...

hey Indira,

thanks for visiting ..Glad you liked the site and the poem

indianadoc said...

hmmm..quite interesting a blog...shl come back to read more patiently...

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