Thursday, February 15, 2007

Treat for two...Happy Valentines day 2007


I was away because I was a little under the weather and the food that I was cooking and eating wasnt very inspiring or worthy of posting here:) But that couldnt put a dampener on my spirit because Iam back with a bang for Valentines Day 2007 ...

This is the second yr Iam posting pictures from food I cooked,hence the same title as last yr.Valentine's day are always special for my husband and I because we have our anniversary the next day ..and today we celebrate our 5th yr together..big milestone for us both.

So how was your Valentine's day?I cooked a 3 course meal for my hubby of 5 yrs and had a blast.Here are some pictures I want to share :)

Mango Bellini

Spinach salad with shrimp and slivered almonds

Herb Roasted Salmon with Coucous

cheesecake with cherry glaze

Here's hoping your Day was as delectable as mine.
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