Monday, March 05, 2007

Holi Hai !!!

Hope you all had a wonderful holi .I had not one but two holi parties, both super fun.

Party Number 1..we played paint ball(messy but fun game) and followed it up with punjabi food( makke ki roti, sarson ka sag, paranthas, chole bature etc), played impromptu holi outside the restaurant and had some more fun later

Party No the restaurant, everyone's clean!!!

everyone after playing holi

party Number 2 ..very fun as well, this was a pot luck party for which I cooked tomato paneer, Paneer and raisin pulao and gulabjamun.We played with colors and danced and played card games..

clean one moment

Unrecognisable the next

The group Mug shot(do we have any colors left?)

Fantastic way to end the week, I say bring more such celebrations...

Here are pictures of what I cooked. Recipes coming soon:)

What I cooked for the Holi potluck

Tomato Paneer

Paneer and Raisin pulao

The wonderful, the evergreen Gulabjamun:)


Friday, March 02, 2007

Breakfast In Bed

The rainy and snowy weather in Seattle can really get to me sometimes(check out the pics and you shall know Iam telling the truth).The winter wonderland is fun only for so many days and then it starts to become more of a nightmare :)

Snow outside my apartment

Even more snow !!!

So many days I just want to sleep in and not leave my warm blanket .Who wants to cook breakfast then?? Certainly not me but this simple breakfast charges me and gets me ready to face the day.

Pancakes with maple syrup(these are my very very unprofessional looking version), blueberries, orange juice and coffee(not in the picture:).We all live in a world of instant gratification so sometimes I just go for pancakes from a box(I still need to mix the batter and pour them on the girdle, which is labor enough for me on those cold unforgiving days).

So cook the pancakes and enjoy with all the other trappings, IN BED :)

P.S ..some of you asked for the recipes from Valentine's day .There are coming, just watch this space:)
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