Monday, October 24, 2011

Of Opportunities lost

"Most people dont recognize oppurtunity when it comes , because its dressed in overalls and looks like a lot of work -Thomas Alva Edison"

6 years have passed since I gave birth my blog. While there's no denying that I love it dearly, sometimes I wonder if I have treated it like a stepchild and not been able to nurture it the way I could have, so definitely feel some big time guilt. What if I could have had a gazillion more recipes on there, written tons more, connected more with my virtual family and readers and made more of a mark on the blogosphere. WHAT IF?
Lots of time has gone by and more food bloggers than I care to count , have sprouted on the horizon. Lots of opportunities gone..sigh! Looks like the pessimist in me has surfaced today.


But the optimist is never behind and it nudges me and says , " So what,time may have passed you by but one thing that hasn't changed over all this time is your connection and love for food." True that:)

Also "opportunities always look bigger going than coming" so maybe nothing is lost after all (breathes sigh of relief) I guess time will tell!

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