Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas Recipe 1- Mushroom and shrimp pulao

I enjoyed writing about my afternoontea experience in British Columbia and based on the comments from some of you ,you all seemed to have enjoyed reading it too(apparently it took us all back to my Enid Blyton days).Thanks for reading and getting back to me.Hearing back makes me feel that Iam talking to someone and makes it all worthwhile :)

Some of my loyal blog friends read my xmas post and asked for the recipes for the Cornish Hen, Mushroom &shrimp pulao and bean salad .Here Iam posting them one at a time .

While I was writing the recipe for this dish,I also realised that while I have posted pictures of some of my food ,I havent posted recipes for those .I guess thats how I started out,unknowingly titillating some of the readers with the pictures.yeah ..just pictures.(Gosh ,I was almost sadistic)

Well,high time I share the recipes .You ask which ones ???Well,I have piyaaz maach(fish cooked in spicy onion and garlic paste), aloor dom(bengali style),keema with vegetables,Doi maach(fish cooked in yogurt),khichudi, Labda (a lovely sweet-savory vegatble mix, bengali style),bandakopi torkari(cabbage with peas),baigun bhaja(panfried aubergine slices ),tomato chutney,khejur guder payish(rice pudding in date palm jaggery),rumali roti)...amongst others..Phew!!I need to stop,the list is getting too long)

Anyhow, so shall return to posting those unposted recipes intermittently .For now ,let me just get back to the pulao I made for Xmas :-)

You need:
2 cups -Basmati(or any other long grained rice)
1 cup sliced button Mushrooms
1 cup (thawed)- Shrimp (frozen precooked baby shrimp)
1 large sliced onion
1 Tsp- Cumin
2 Tbsp- Ghee or Oil
Salt to taste
Chopped corriander to garnish

This is how you make it:
Heat oil /ghee in a skillet and add the cumin.Once the cumin starts popping add the the sliced onions.Saute them till they are golden .Then add sliced mushrooms and shrimp and cook till they they are soft .

Now Add the 2 cups of rice and pour 4 cups of the water into the skillet .Add salt to taste and cover .Cook on medium heat Keep checking for doneness and cook about 20 minutes.Once the rice looks cooked , turn off the heat and let it sit.This leaves the rice fluff up.

Enjoy with Cornish hen, bean salad and yogurt:)


Trupti said...

Hi Meenal,

I noticed you didn't add any Garam Masala to this recipe. Leaving it out makes such a nice difference doesn't it? The flavors really come through without any masalas overpowering them.Your pulao looks really fluffy..I eat Pulaos just with plain yogurt, it's comfort food for me!


RP said...

Hi meenal, the pulav looks good. I haven't tried mushroom and shrimp combo yet. Sounds yummy.
When I started my blog, my purpose was to share only pictures. You are right! What was I thinking? Then I started getting comments and emails asking for recipes. I even got messages like why don't you share etc.. Just because I didn't have time to type the recipes, I had to delete some of those pictures. I felt bad for putting up pictures without any info on how I made it. Since then I stopped posting pictures without recipes.

Meenal Mehta said...

Hey Trupti,

Yes you can defintely add garam masal to the pulao , I ddnt though.ANd i agree it makes a big difference and I use it pretty frequently .I wanted to keep the flavors a little western so I kept away from the masala.

It turned out very well though.My comfort food varies and I enjoy eating pulao with yogurt too..its absolutely yummy :)

Btw I added you to my blog roll

Meenal Mehta said...

Hey Rp,

thanks ..yeah the pulao turned out pretty darn good:)

And I agree, i also just put the pics not having the time to type out the recipes but I make time when I can:)

John said...

Ahh a foodie blog. Hmm, now that I have a pressure cooker with me, hope eating becomes a bit more easy. n your other blog seems to be idle for quite a long time.

Meenal Mehta said...

Hi there ,

John thanks for visiting my you have a pressure cooker now? which one is going to become easier...eating or cooking??

My other blog.yes its been idle for a while..iam not able to make time for it right now , maybe later :)

Pallavi said...

looks really tasty.

John said...

Opps.. yeh cooking should be easy :p

TRS said...

Thanks for adding me,Meenal...I did the same..Have a great day.


Meenal Mehta said...

thnaks Pallavi , TRS :)

Sandeepa said...

Hi Meenal
The pulao looks really good. Did I miss the Cornish hen recipe ?
Also waiting for the other recipes, post them faast

Meenal Mehta said...


no the cornish hen is coming up:)
I will also post the others sometime

take care

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