Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Iam BACK ...

hi folks ...

gots tonnes of messages while I was away and I agree I was away for a really long time ..almost 9 months ...was busy ..finishing up Masters, changing jobs, moving to a new city , visiting home and parents visiting ..and ofcourse my digital camera was'nt exactly cooperating ..couldnt take pictures for a while.

Thankyou all for keeping in touch and encouraging me to get back ..and though I was was away , I did not stop cooking ..had a lovely thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey , have cooked other dinners when freinds were over, birthdays , get togethers and hopefully some great stuff for Christmas ...

Keep watching this space


leena said...

hai meenal,
i really want to tell u some truth,i use to visit ur blog (believe it or not).
happy ur back again.
do post some dishes with recipe and photos.
i'm a great fan of ur blog.
photos r too good in ur blog.
welcome again.
i don't have a blog right now,soon planning to create a blog

Anonymous said...

Welcome back girl! :)
Rest assured i'll have some great recipes to take back home for xmas!

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back!! Now quick, post some mouth-watering pics! :D

Meenal Mehta said...

thanks leena ..i ddnt know u visited my blog..i shall post pics and recipes soon

thanks Marlee...i certainly hope so

and thankyou Aparna ...great to hear from you :-)

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