Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas with an indian flavor


Iam back again to my food blog after a month and it feels good :-) to be writing about food once again .No long breaks this time.

Last friday , we had a christmas party at work (actually at someone's home after work) and we were all asked to get what we thought we would like to share from our culture .Me, I chose kesar pulao, butter chicken , vegetable cutlets (for appetisers) and saag paneer .

Butter chicken is a north indian chicken dish made with chicken cubes cooked in a spicy onion-tomato sauce to which almond-cashewnut paste is added for consistency and thickness .Usually food color is added but I did not add any and jsut stuck with turmeric .

Kesar pulao is an aromatic basmati rice cooked with clarified butter and salt to which raisins, cashewnuts and kesar (saffron) is added .YUM-O

Saag Paneer is a very popular North Indian dish as well .To prepare this I usually fry paneer( cottage cheese , this is not the cottage cheese in America .At the party I was telling what paneer is and how to make it .Here goes, squeeze a lemon in hot milk and let it seperate .Take the white residue and tie it up in a muslin cloth and let all the water drip .What remains is, paneer.You can crumble this or cut it up in cubes....I buy mine from the Indian store)

Vegetable cutlets are well, cutlets . Boil and mash potatoes and add peas, breadcrumbs, salt , black pepper and amchoor .Make little balls , flatten them and shallow fry them .Have them with corriander and/or turmeric chutney .

For dessert I took pumpkin pie .(and everyone knows what pumpkin pie is ).

All of the above were popular and here are some pictures .Enjoy

The Indian Twist

Kesar Pulao

Butter Chicken

Saag Paneer

Vegetable Cutlets

Pumpkin Pie

Merry Christmas every one :-)


Sanity Starved said...

God damn it!

*realizing I am not a kid anymore* Hmm...

Meenal Mehta said...

and what does that relisation have to do with you ...........

aparna said...

UFF!!! :D

yay!!! i get to say uff again! here! after such a LONG while!!


UFF!!! :D

Meenal Mehta said...

thankyou , thankyou for using that cherished word .... seems like you have passed on this habbit to our dear freind sanity starved ...

he was using it yesterday after looking up my post ........

Mehta Ashok said...

Mina ji ... It is papa on your fan list. The pictures and the the arrangement is simply mouth wattering and I am now looking forward to the nice dishes which I shall enjoy during our June 06 visit.
Mummy gave me a task of photo copying a book" Table Decorations" by Susy Smith and Karen Lansdown". I did get a xerox copy of the whole book and also got it scanned-128 pages. I intend seding you this soft copy soon ans hope you will like it.

Meenal Mehta said...

thanks papa,

iam touched and very glad that u liked the stuff on the website

I look forward to cooking for u and mom


paro said...

pop's made it to your blog.. and with a mina-ji no less.
very nice!

Meenal Mehta said...

yeah paro,

i think thats nice

Meena said...

Wow Meenal, your Butter Chicken looks soooo... good!I WANT the recipe, please, please pretty please... :o)

BTW, I do hope you remember the "From my Rasoi" event. I'm still waiting for your post, the deadline's almost here! :o)

s! said...

wow.. this is so awesome!! i finally made it here, i'm sorry it took me so long!

the food looks great, have a happy holiday season! :-)

Meenal Mehta said...

Hey meena,

thanks for visiting and iam pleased as punch that you liked the butter chicken .

i will put it up as a sepearte post :)

Meenal Mehta said...

hello s

welcome to my blog and glad you liked it :)

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